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inflatable amusement solution

inflatable equpment setup

Installation Manuels of inflatables :

1: First of all, if conditional, it is a best choice that place in the ground with a mattress (such as carpets, plastic or striped cloth), and then spread the inflatable products flat

2: Find the air inlet, then connect the air inlet with the blower tightly.

3: Then, check if the blower is normal and  if the inflatable products are smooth.

4: Finally, give the blower power, and it will take several minutes to charge up the inflatable product.

Many inflatable toys because space constraints and other conditions, the operator can choose the outdoors, so that, inevitably disturbed the external environment, so cleaning cleaning inflatable play equipment becomes very important, imagine that you are willing to take the kids go up a dirty play equipment to play it? Obvious reason.

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